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Jinxed resident hails camaraderie


Wraysbury has been hit by flooding

Wraysbury has been hit by flooding

Wraysbury has been hit by flooding

One resident in flood-hit Berkshire joked that "trouble is following me" after moving to the village because his previous home was being demolished following a storm.

Peter Horner, 56, was living in Hounslow, west London with his 97-year-old mother when a falling tree caused a gas explosion during October's St Jude storm, killing two people.

Their home was badly damaged and has to be demolished, so they moved to the village of Wraysbury.

"If they can't blow me up they're trying to drown me," he joked.

He said the flooding has left his mother unable to leave their new home because she uses a wheelchair.

"We've got waders to get out but she wouldn't be able to walk," he said. "If we need rescuing she'll need a boat."

Mr Horner praised the community's response to the floods.

"The camaraderie between the people is fantastic. I waded through the water and a resident leaned out the window and offered me a cup of coffee.

"It's bringing people together," he said.

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