Saturday 20 January 2018

Jeremy Corbyn wearing a baseball cap in a train toilet has become an amazing meme

By Edward Dracott

Of course it has – and we’ve got more pictures where that came from.

The hunt for a successor to that incredible image of Jeremy Corbyn holding a giant marrow may finally be over.

A Press Association photographer has nabbed a picture of Jeremy Corbyn wearing a baseball cap in a train toilet – and a caption competition was of course inevitable…

Truly it’s a picture to behold.

Taken during the Labour leader’s visit to Wabtec Rail in Doncaster, the image has raised questions for some. Such as – does he really need those glasses in there?

And, how on earth was this photo allowed to be taken in the first place?

We don’t know the answer to these questions, nor will we attempt to justify them – but we are pleased to tell you there are a lot more photos where that came from.

Here, we thought we’d take you through some more images from the leader of the opposition’s visit to Doncaster – with a few captions of our own.

Sliding doors fill politician with excitement.

Wary of style, 67-year-old pushes cap higher on his head to connect with the younger generation.

Thinking he has finally mastered Snapchat filters, Corbyn pleased with funny glasses selfie.

Unsure of boundaries and arm-positioning, three men opt to put hands in pockets to avoid awkwardness.

On the visit to Doncaster, Corbyn pledged to use “every power possible” to upgrade the economy in a post-Brexit Britain.

Sadly for Corbyn, we think the photo might live a little longer in the memory than his speech…

Press Association

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