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It's an icy tee-off! Watch golfers play on a frozen lake in Siberia for world tournament


Fifty golf enthusiasts took part in the weekend event on Lake Baikal.

Playing golf in the snow sounds a bit awkward, if not dangerous, right?

Well, these 50 golf enthusiasts who took part in a frozen golf tournament in Siberia will prove you wrong.

The weekend event, which took place on the top of the frozen surface of Lake Baikal – the world’s largest freshwater lake – attracted competitors from all parts of the world.

Each year, the Baikal Prize Open Ice Golf Tournament is played over two days in March on a course that’s more than two kilometres long and covered in 60 centimetres of ice.

And in case you were wondering, yes, regular rules of golf apply.

In fact, players are expected to adhere to golf etiquette and comply with the anti-doping policy.

Of course, there are a few things that are slightly different. For starters, the ball is red instead of the traditional white for obvious reasons.

The players are more likely to be wearing winter jackets than the familiar golf shirts we are so used to seeing at The Open.

And then there’s the course itself, which is potentially more dangerous – it is a frozen lake, after all.

But you have to admit, ice golf does look intriguing.

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