Thursday 22 February 2018

It’s all kicking off on Twitter over jam etiquette on National Cream Tea Day

People take their tea very seriously.

(Adam Davy/EMPICS)
(Adam Davy/EMPICS)

By Jessica Pitocchi

If there was ever anything more British than a cream tea, it’s arguing about the correct way to eat it.

As the nation is blessed with a day of celebration for the delightful scone-cream-jam combo, many people are showing their incredibly strong feelings towards the order the toppings are applied.

There’s the cream-first team.

Then the jam-first advocates.

And then some complete mavericks suggesting it can be eaten as a sandwich rather than two halves.

The right way? That depends where you’re from. In Cornwall, the jam goes on first but in Devon the cream gets slathered on the bottom.

Whatever your preference, we can all learn a lesson or two from this Twitter user when it comes to compromise.

Or from this wise man.

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