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It was so cold in New York that this lake home turned into an incredible, massive ice sculpture


It kinda looks like a scene from Disney’s Frozen.

It’s been very cold in New York, with storm winds blowing at 55mph and parts of the city seeing several inches of snow.

And the chilly weather appeared to have an effect on a house in Webster, New York, on the banks of Lake Ontario – which somehow got completely covered in ice.

Photographer John Kucko was at the scene to capture this bizarre-yet-majestic phenomenon.

After posting photos of the icy house on social media, Kucko got messages from people who refused to believe the images were genuine, so he shot video to prove them wrong.

“We had violent winds here the last five days,” Kucko told CNN. “Power was knocked out to 150,000 people. Some are still without power.”

It kinda looks like somewhere Elsa from Disney’s Frozen would live.

However, you can see from the photos that the neighbouring house appears to be completely unscathed by ice.

Kucko believes this is because it has retaining walls protecting from winds and water from the lake.

Meanwhile, the National Weather Service has issued blizzard warnings for parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine and schools remain closed in several parts of the country.

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