Monday 14 October 2019

'Indoor beach' among oddest claims

One unusual insurance claim arose when a swan crashed through the roof of a holiday home
One unusual insurance claim arose when a swan crashed through the roof of a holiday home

A holiday home insurer has revealed some of its strangest ever claims, including a swan crashing through the roof and guests creating an "indoor beach".

Provider Schofields said that one of the most unusual claims it saw was from a holiday home owner in Spain, whose guests aged in their 20s had brought the beach indoors by piling sand and water into the house.

The guests said they had done this because their local beach "hadn't lived up to their expectations".

In another case, a holiday cottage in the UK needed to be redecorated because the guests decided to hold an indoor barbecue, due to the poor British weather.

Another claim involved a cow being winched out of a swimming pool after falling in, while a swan crashed through the roof of another holiday home after flying into some power cables, leaving a large hole in need of fixing.

Schofields also looked into a case where guests removed the furniture from a holiday home and placed it in the swimming pool, later saying they could not remember why they had done it.

Another incident investigated by the firm involved a guest seeking compensation because the driveway had "wrecked" several pairs of her high heels.

Schofields said it had thoroughly investigated each of the claims, although not every one had been successful.

The firm's spokesman Phil Schofield said: "Insurance is, at heart, a fairly dry subject. However, some of the claims that come our way are strange, amusing and, at times, unfortunate.

"Although most people would expect a certain amount of wear and tear and breakages, nobody would think that their guests would put all the furniture into the pool or create an indoor beach."

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