Wednesday 17 January 2018

If you draw a square on the ground will a cat magically appear?

By Taylor Heyman

Does this Pinterest fad really work?

One woman’s tweet about her mother’s cat has sparked a flurry of experiments.

Twitter user Danielle Matheson shared a text from her mother, explaining that ‘Pinterest says if you put a square on the floor the cat will get in it.

Not only this, but she tried it and by the looks of the photos, it worked.

Cool, you may be thinking, but I need more evidence to show this works. That’s where this bunch of Twitter users come in, sharing pictures of their own experiments.

Looking good… but it turns out not all of these kitties are up for playing our games.

Maybe it will work better as another shape?

We asked cat behavioural expert Lucy Hoile about the phenomenon. She told us it wasn’t something she recognised, but that she thinks cats seek out small spaces like boxes to “feel safe”. It looks like this cat agrees.

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