Saturday 15 December 2018

‘I once thought the sun was following me’: Redditors share their hilarious childhood misconceptions

“I thought that life during the older days was literally black and white instead of just the television being so.”

A Child thinking.
A Child thinking.

By PA Reporters

Ever found yourself thinking about all the things that you had got hilariously wrong as a child?

Redditors have revealed some of their embarrassing childhood misconceptions and here are a few of them…

I thought that life during the older days was literally black and white instead of just the television being so. -twilightz0ner

I thought broccoli was just a baby tree. I thought the “tree trunks” of the broccoli were green because they hadn’t fully matured into full grown trees with brown tree trunks. It’s what started my love of broccoli. Sometimes I still pretend I’m eating tiny trees. -okwellusername

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I used to think height was directly correlated to age. When my dad asked who I thought was older, him or my grandmother, I was like you are. Duh you’re bigger. -Cum_Dumpster

I’ve been myopic since I was very young, and I always thought the people who speak behind the podium were half-human/half-wood and I was VERY afraid to go to church before. -rubybee23

When I was little I thought all cats were girls and all dogs were boys. I didn’t have a full concept of where babies came from – just dog and cat got together and once puppies and kitties came out their gender determined if it would be a cat or dog. -Tampa-Charlie

I thought the news anchors on TV could see me just like I could see them. So for many years as a child, I would be mortified to be walking about with no pants on and the news was on. Had to be properly dressed for the news! -glass1217

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I thought that beets/beetroot, just, came in a can. I saw one in the supermarket when I was about 18 and had no idea what it was. Mum was mortified. -amynhalligan

I used to think that guacamole was made out of ground up grasshoppers. Thanks Dad!

I once thought that the sun was following ME and I was scared because it always followed me. -Crimson_Wolf420

My parents didn’t wear cologne or perfume ever so when I encountered people who did I thought they just naturally “smelled different”. -mikeonskype

Queen Elizabeth

I thought Queen Elizabeth spent her days inventing the English language one word at a time. Sitting at her desk like: ‘Um… ketchup’. -baby_donut

I used to see a lot of ads for some kind of debt help service. They would terrify me as I had no idea what debt was and they always made it sound like “debt” was some horrible accident that could randomly happen to anyone. They would mention stuff like losing your house and debt collectors harassing you. As a seven-year-old, I was so afraid of this mysterious debt because of this that I would always write down the 1-800 number and keep it with me in case “debt” happened to me. -pubertphilm

I just thought movies were actual events that were accidentally filmed. -Land_of_the_Blind

I thought Biology and Chemistry contradicted each other and we were taught both to learn both types of theories. I was confused because either everything is made up of atoms or everything is made up of cells! Which is it? -Purplesuits

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