Wednesday 13 November 2019

How would you prove you’re the real you if a clone took your place?

Try to think of something only you would possibly do to prove you’re definitely the real you.


By Alistair Mason, Press Association

Do your friends know you well enough that if a clone turned up claiming to be you they would be able to tell the two of you apart?

Twitter user Amy Boggs wondered how people would go about proving themselves if a clone inserted itself into their lives.

And some of the answers are pretty ingenious.

One strategy was competitive eating.

Another was competitive nerding.

We’re not quite sure how this would work, but it seems like a strong opening gambit.

Social awkwardness for the win.

Clumsiness for the win.

This guy thought the clone had already made a fatal error.

Then there was this incredibly specific strategy involving wombats.

But not everyone thought that convincing their friends it was them was the right way to go.

Maybe we’re approaching this from entirely the wrong angle.

But wait, why is Amy so interested in this anyway?

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