Thursday 18 January 2018

How the Star Wars: Identities exhibition is basically like one big personality quiz

You get to answer questions about yourself to see what type of alien you’d be.

(Jessica Pitocchi/PA)
(Jessica Pitocchi/PA)

By Jessica Pitocchi

Star Wars fans will be all too familiar with the path Anakin Skywalker chooses in the sci-fi saga but what if he had gone down a different, much lighter one?

That is basically what Star Wars: Identities wants to get you thinking about – why the film’s characters made the choices they did and what kind of choices you would make if you were in their far away galaxy.

Just one of the questions attendees face (Jessica Pitocchi/PA)

The interactive element of the exhibition – set up through a series of touch-screen scenarios and an electronic wristband for logging your answers – helps you find that out by basically turning the experience into one big personality quiz.

After picking your species, you wander around the rooms answering questions on your upbringing, your outlook on life, how strong the force is with you and, crucially, whether you would turn to the dark side.

Which side will you choose? (Jessica Pitocchi/PA)

Info on how the leading characters would answer those same questions is shown nearby to help you get an understanding of how their identity had been shaped throughout their lives and why they turned out the way they did.

At the end, you get to meet your hero and see a fun take on how your life would look on another planet. For me, as a musician and livestock farming Ewok living on the planet Naboo, it sounds pretty entertaining.

(Jessica Pitocchi/PA)

Aside from this aspect of the exhibit, there are also many more traditional things for fans to geek out at.

Boba and storm trooper co (Jessica Pitocchi/PA)

There are original props and body parts (such as Boba Fett’s helmet and Jabba the Hutt’s creepy eyes), adorable early drawings of much-loved characters as well as little-known facts about them, like Yoda’s eyes being based on Albert Einstein’s and that distinctive Chewie sound is based on a mix of a walrus and a cinnamon bear.

(Jessica Pitocchi/PA)

After all that, you can head home and show all your friends how cool you would be in alien form.

The Star Wars: Identities exhibition continues at The O2 in London until September 3 2017.

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