Sunday 19 January 2020

How Londoners have come together in the wake of the London terror attack

These stories will fill you with hope.

By Taylor Heyman

As news broke of Saturday’s terror attack in the London Bridge area, Londoners immediately began looking after each other.

Here are some of the thoughtful acts undertaken by everyday Londoners.



In the hours after the incident, certain areas were blocked off, leaving some people stranded. Londoners leaped into action on Twitter, using the hashtag #SofaForLondon to offer cups of tea, food and places to rest.

One recipient of this kindness was George Moss, 22, who was unable to get home after police put a cordon between Borough Market and Elephant and Castle.

Moss had lost his phone, but after borrowing one from a reporter at the scene, he was able to get in touch with Holly Robinson and Mary Lynch, who tweeted that strangers with nowhere else to stay could crash at their home in Vauxhall.

Moss told the Press Association: “I was out this evening trying to make my own way home at around 11.30pm but couldn’t make my way through anywhere.

“(Without Robinson and Lynch) I would have been in a pickle, I wouldn’t have anywhere else to go.

“Having someone so close and so willing to help makes a massive difference.”

Mary Lynch, 23, from Nottingham, said: “I think we saw when things (terror attacks) had happened in Orlando and Manchester and thinking if I had been in that situation I would want to know that people were going to open up their homes.”

Taking people to safety

People have also taken to social media to thank those who helped them to safety.

Thanking the emergency services

With cards, drinks and food, the public has stepped up to thank the emergency services for their quick response.

Lewisham Police station received a postcard expressing support. It read: “I wanted to show how much I appreciate what the police and all emergency services do for us every day.

“I baked, but of course realised you wouldn’t be able to accept them in case I was trying to harm you.

“At this awful time thanks to all of you here at Lewisham and all of your colleagues for what you do every day.”

Closer to where the incident occurred, Sainsbury’s workers were photographed taking food and drinks to police officers on duty.

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