Monday 23 September 2019

How do you pronounce Blink 182? James Corden and more join online debate

The answer seems to depend on which side of the Atlantic you’re from.

(Anthony Harvey/PA)
(Anthony Harvey/PA)

By Edd Dracott, Press Association

In a blast from pop music past, a debate is raging on Twitter about how to pronounce Blink 182.

The California rock band formed in 1992 with hits including I Miss You and All The Small Things, but according to American comedian Ian Karmel, who started the discussion, the correct way to say their name is still an issue.

According to Karmel, British people tend to pronounce the band’s name Blink One-eight-two.

This would appear to be confirmed by British Twitter user Ed Perchard, who responded: “What?! What do you lot call them?”

The answer? Blink One-eighty-two.

The discussion sparked quite the debate, with Karmel describing it as “the raging river our friendship cannot bridge”.

Perchard argued the American pronunciation is incorrect as “one-eighty-two just doesn’t exist as an entity in the English language.”

But then US-based Brit James Corden tried to settle the argument.

The comedian has hosted The Late Late Show with James Corden in Los Angeles since 2015 and offered a balanced take.

“Don’t start this. I admit we are wrong on this America calls them Blink One eighty two. Which is also wrong,” Corden tweeted. “They technically should be called Blink one hundred and eighty two.”

So, how should it be pronounced? Well, according to the band it’s only Corden’s take which is wrong.

The band told BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge in 2016 they call themselves “Blink One-eighty-two”, but that it’s okay to say “One-eight-two” as well – but never to use “Blink One-hundred-and-eighty-two” as it “just sounds wrong”.

Of course, that won’t stop people pronouncing the name however they would like.

The maths checks out.

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