Friday 22 March 2019

How a polite notice let people know a cat rescue was under way

A four-week-old grey-and-white kitten was trapped inside a storm drain.

Dalis Hitchcock with the kitten rescued from a storm drain (Dalis Hitchcock/Dalis To The Rescue)
Dalis Hitchcock with the kitten rescued from a storm drain (Dalis Hitchcock/Dalis To The Rescue)

By Nicola Irwin, Press Association

This was the polite notice which let people know that a cat rescue was under way after miaows could be heard coming from a storm drain.

Dog and cat groomer Dalis Hitchcock was inundated with calls about the stranded cat because she also doubles up as an animal rescuer in Saint Louis, Michigan.

Note placed on a storm drain which reads #we are aware of the trapped kitten. there is an active live trap in the sewer to rescue the trapped kitten. do not disturb! you will scare the kitten away, back down the sewer'.

She shared details of the cat’s story on her Facebook page, Dalis To The Rescue, where it received hundreds of likes and shares.

“I started getting Facebook messages with people pleading for me to help get the kitten out of the drain,” she told the Press Association.

Dalis had to go back and forth to the drain in nearby Alma and put up a sign to let people know what was happening and that she was on the case.

“My truck had just broke down that day so I had to call my mom to come pick me up. It took us three attempts but I finally put a little live trap down in the sewer with some canned cat food and I caught it.”

Dalis Hitchcock with the kitten rescued from a storm drain

Dalis was “super-excited and relieved” to get the grey-and-white kitten out of the drain.

“It was supposed to rain that night so I was a little panicky that he wouldn’t survive down there if it did rain.

“He was so small – he’s around four weeks old – that he would’ve just washed away and drowned.”

The rescue came hot on the heels of a coyote rescue, as Dalis explained in her Facebook post.

Well yesterday was a whirlwind of's SPRINGTIME and that means babies, babies, babies EVERYWHERE!!!! And that...

Posted by Dalis to the Rescue on Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Saving the kitten is not the first time Dalis has completed a sewer rescue. She had a similar incident involving a different kitten last year.

And last autumn she rescued some ducklings.

“I received a message that a mama duck was squawking over top of a sewer drain because her little ducklings fell in. My husband and I jumped in the sewer, grabbed around eight to 10 little ducklings and reunited them with their mom.

“I’ve also done a 9ft snake rescue in someone’s basement, rescued geese that were in the middle of a busy road and many, MANY other crazy rescues too.”

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