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Tuesday 16 October 2018

How a Polaroid camera helped create a beautifully unique proposal

Meet the couple who have taken the internet by storm.

The couple and the pictures
The couple and the pictures

By Edd Dracott, Press Association

Polaroid pictures are a fun way to capture life’s big moments, but it turns out they can make such moments happen too.

Lyd Fama used her instant camera to propose to her girlfriend, Meg.

The couple, from New York, were out for a hike in Minnewaska State Park when Lyd told Meg to pose for a photo facing away from the camera, while Lyd added her special question.

The Polaroid proposal

So, what was Meg’s reaction?

“Excited,” Meg told the Press Association. “Extremely excited! I’m so happy that I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend and soulmate.”

The happy couple
The couple kissing

The couple had been talking about getting engaged for some time, but Meg was not aware of Lyd’s creative plan for how to go about it.

“I had asked Lyd out initially, so she told me that it wouldn’t be fair for me to propose, since it was her turn,” said Meg, an environmental engineer.

Lyd, an animator and story artist, said: “I had the idea to propose like this since around December, but had to wait for better hiking weather!”

The delightful proposal has taken the internet by storm, with more than 184,000 likes since Meg posted it to Twitter.

“I was particularly emotional about the girls and women who told me that seeing our engagement post made them feel so happy and more confident in their own same-gender attraction,” said Meg.

“I remember when I was a scared teenager and I saw a happy lesbian couple come out together, and it gave me the courage to accept my own sexuality.

“I would be so honoured if I could do the same for other girls who like girls.”

The couple said they also received many comments on the uniqueness and creativity of both the proposal and the ring, which is silver with a rainbow moonstone.

“We hope that this has shown people that proposals don’t need to be expensive or grand gestures, and the ring doesn’t need to be gold or diamond,” they said.

“The proposal and the ring just need to be personal which embodies the couple’s relationship and love for each other in order to be special.”

The couple plan to marry next year on February 14, their anniversary.

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