Friday 15 November 2019

Hospital sees repeat birthday joy

A woman gave birth at Southmead Hospital, Bristol, 28 years after she was born there
A woman gave birth at Southmead Hospital, Bristol, 28 years after she was born there

A new mother marked her birthday by giving birth at a hospital - exactly 28 years after she was born there.

Libby Morris and husband Tim always knew there was a chance that their first child would arrive on one of their family birthdays.

But it was not until they arrived at Southmead Hospital in Bristol in the early hours of her birthday that it became apparent little Joshua was going to share her special day.

As soon as the couple, from St George, Bristol, found out their son's due date they realised his arrival could clash with Tim's father's birthday, Libby's brother's or Libby herself.

Mrs Morris gave birth to her son Joshua at Southmead Hospital exactly 28 years after she was born at the hospital

"We always joked that this might happen," Mr Morris said.

"My dad's birthday's on the fourth, Libby's today and her brother's on the eighth so we knew it might happen."

The possibility seemed more likely as a week passed from the due date and Libby's contractions started in the early hours of March 5.

She had hoped to give birth in the Cossham Hospital Birth Centre but was transferred to Southmead shortly after midnight on March 6.

And at 10.38am on March 6 Joshua arrived weighing 8lb 4.5oz.

Student midwife Kelly Phillips, who was also born at Southmead Hospital, delivered Joshua under the guidance of midwife Debbie Williams, who has been based at Southmead since 1988 and has never before witnessed a mother giving birth on her own birthday.

"It's a first for me, I haven't ever delivered anyone on their birthday before," she said.

"It's always special when you deliver a baby, but this made it extra special. We had a little bit of singing, which was nice."

Mrs Morris was able to break the news of her son's arrival in response to text messages wishing her happy birthday.

"I had already said to a few people that I thought he was going to arrive on my birthday, and as I was getting texts from people saying happy birthday I was able to text back and let them know that he had arrived," she said.

"He's really lovely and gorgeous. And it's been a fantastic experience here at Southmead."

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