Sunday 17 December 2017

‘Hip dips’ is a body-positive Instagram trend we can actually get behind

No, it’s not a dance move.


By Lauren Taylor

Women are sharing pictures of their ‘hip dips’ on Instagram in the latest body-positivity trend.

Don’t worry, this isn’t another ‘thigh gap’ or ‘belly button challenge’, it’s about celebrating the curve that exists in some, but not all, hips.

Fitness bloggers and personal trainers are among the women posting photos of their hip dips. One PT, Kelly Bakewell, posted: “I’ve been reading a lot about this lately, as I’ve had clients asking how to get rid of them. They are very normal! A lot of women have them… please don’t scrutinise yourself so much!”

She explains that there isn’t really a muscle there, so exercise won’t help.

Of course, we’re flooded with images of hourglass figures and smooth silhouettes, so it’s no surprise that some women have grown up self conscious of their hips, or have tried to exercise their ‘dips’ away.

tabicatz22 posted on Instagram: “For YEARS ever since I was in middle school at my smallest (size 6) I have always struggled with how odd I always thought my hips looked. I always thought something was wrong with my body and it has stopped me from wearing certain clothes or feeling comfortable with myself.

“I always wondered why I don’t have that perfect hourglass body, and no matter how much I worked out or ate well – and at times even starved myself, it would never go away! All this time it’s because I have #violinhips or #hipdips. It is where my hips are slightly higher than my pelvis, resulting in a “violin” shape.”

So relax, hip dips are entirely natural and very common. Here are a few pictures of some lovely hip dips.

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