Sunday 17 December 2017

Here’s why everyone on the internet is asking: Who is MrBuff22?

Mistaken tweet? Or cryptic message? Here’s why MrBuff22 is trending online.

(Satyrenko/Getty Images)
(Satyrenko/Getty Images)

By Peter Cary

When Marriott Hotels left a cryptic message on their official Twitter account, saying nothing but “MrBuff22”, it’s fair to say more than a few people were confused.

Whether a slip of the thumb, or a moment of madness, the mysterious tweet was deleted a short time later, but not before some eagle-eyed followers took screen shots of the message and began asking: what does it mean?

Even celebrities like radio’s Chris Moyles got involved.

And as the comments rolled in, Marriott maintained a radio silence.

Was he a member of staff?

Had he been fired?

Others simply mourned his loss:

But in a bizarre twist of fate, it seems MrBuff22 really does exist – at least in the Twittersphere, where he seemed as confused as everyone else:

Perhaps a case of pressing send too soon after all.

Here’s another classic fast-thumb fiasco that everyone knows and loves:

Happy MrBuff22 Day everybody!

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