Tuesday 12 December 2017

Here's what happened on today's General Election campaign trail

Diane Abbott got her numbers mixed up again.

By Catherine Wyatt

From arguments over employment figures to the leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats posing in front of a digger – here are some of the key moments from Friday’s General Election campaign.

Quote of the day


“So far during this campaign we have learned one thing about Jeremy Corbyn: proud and patriotic working-class people in towns and cities across Britain have not deserted the Labour Party – Jeremy Corbyn has deserted them” – The Prime Minister, speaking in the north east of England.

Good day?


It’s a good day for cannabis users after the Liberal Democrats announced they would legalise the substance.

The party have said they will create a legal market for the creation and production of the drug, predicting that up to £1 billion could be generated each year in tax revenues.

Bad day?


It’s been a bad day for Brexit Secretary David Davis, who claimed European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker was trying to force him out of his job.

With regards to the leaked story about Mr Junker meeting with Mrs May for dinner in Number 10, Mr Davis said: “All these stories are briefing against me, trying to get me sacked – which, of course, is a compliment by the way. If they don’t want me across the table, there is a reason for that – it is in Britain’s interests, not theirs.”

Tweet of the day

Buzzfeed reporter Jim Waterson spoke to Lord Buckethead, the candidate standing against Theresa May in Maidenhead.

Billed as “the exclusive no one else wanted”, his Twitter message conversation is reproduced via screenshots in the tweet.

Picture of the day


Scottish Liberal Democrats leader Willie Rennie visits a scrapyard in Fife.

In this picture he raises an arm in the air – the angle makes his outstretched hand coincide with a digger, making Mr Rennie look like a tourist holding up the Louvre, or the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

What do the polls say?


The Press Association’s poll of polls has remained strong and steady – the Conservatives remain at 47%, Labour at 29%, Ukip at 6% and the Green Party at 3%. The only movers are the Lib Dems, who have gained one percentage point and moved from 9% to 10%.

Fake news of the day

Diane Abbott shared a photo on Twitter encouraging people to register to vote which said: “Since 2010 the Tories have…hugely increased youth unemployment.”

However, figures from the Office for National Statistics show otherwise. From May-July 2010, 921,000 people aged 16-24 were unemployed, compared with the latest figures of 558,000 for December 2016-February 2017.

Obscure election news of the day


A man has placed a £10,000 bet on Labour’s success – £6,000 on Corbyn to be the next Prime Minister, £3,000 on Labour winning the most seats and £1,000 on them winning the majority of seats.

The anonymous better placed the wager in a Norwich Betfred store, and would be in for a £182,000 return if he lands the trio of results.

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