Friday 19 January 2018

Here's what happened on the election trail today

There’s no respite for our politicians after a working week packed with manifesto launches.

By Georgia Humphreys

From the Liberal Democrats’ controversial campaign poster to Ukip suspending a candidate, here is what happened on the General Election campaign trail on Saturday.

Who’s had a good day?


Theresa May seized on an opportunity to claim that Labour cannot be trusted with the defence of the country.

After shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry suggested the party could withdraw its support after a post-election review of Britain’s defence needs, Jeremy Corbyn was forced to restate Labour’s commitment to Trident renewal.

The Prime Minister said: “We have seen yet again from Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party today that a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn would not be unequivocally committed to the Trident nuclear deterrent.

“They would not be able to defend this country.”

Who’s had a bad day?


Ukip has suspended one of its General Election candidates over a set of social media posts which prompted allegations of racism.

Paddy Singh will continue to be listed as Ukip candidate on the ballot paper for North Wiltshire in the June 8 election, but the party is withdrawing its endorsement of him.

Tweet of the day

Jeremy Corbyn shared an up-close selfie on Twitter with Rebecca Long-Bailey, Labour candidate for Salford and Eccles, and EastEnders actress Maddy Hill, who appealed to young people at onstage at Corbyn’s rally in Birmingham.

Picture of the day


Sir Vince Cable unveiled a campaign poster for the Liberal Democrats featuring Nigel Farage’s face superimposed onto the Prime Minister’s head, during a General Election campaign visit at a rugby club in Twickenham.

Quote of the day


Comedian Eddie Izzard, who revealed his intention to become a Labour politician after speaking out in support of Jeremy Corbyn, said his vision of politics would “get the whole world of seven billion people all having a fair chance”.

What do the polls say?


According to Press Association polls, the Conservatives remain on 47%, while Labour have gained one percentage point, taking them up to 32%. The rest of the parties remain lagging behind.

Obscure election fact of the day

Theresa May has said in today’s Times that she puts jam on scones before cream (the “Cornish” method) – as do 61% of Brits, according to YouGov.

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