Saturday 23 March 2019

Here’s the story of how this squirrel ended up swimming inside a toilet bowl

A wild squirrel saga.

By Isabel Togoh, Press Association

What would you do if you found a squirrel making itself at home in your house?

This was the predicament Sarah Moscato found herself in, when she discovered a flying squirrel hanging out by her fireplace.

The furry visitor was seen burrowing among the firewood, and after Sarah spotted it, she and her dad blocked it off in the hope of helping him escape via the chimney.

It seemed he had disappeared after that, until Moscato walked into her bathroom to be greeted by none other than the baby squirrel – paddling in the toilet bowl.

Moscato named the lost squirrel Sneeps.

“We hoped he’d climbed out the chimney somehow. That was Wednesday night,” Moscato told the Press Association.

“Then last night (Thursday night) I walked into the bathroom to see him swimming!”

“While my dad ran to get me gloves, I took that video of him in the toilet. We got him out and put him in a container for the night.”

The next morning, Moscato took Sneeps to a nearby wildlife park in Ohio.

She said: “After checking his lungs for water and puncture marks from my cat, which they found none of either, he was clear to go back with us!

“We’re going to release him in my backyard since that’s probably where his home is, it’s almost like a little forest. We’re just waiting until a little closer to night since he’s nocturnal.”

How adorable. Be free, little one. Be free!

Press Association

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