Monday 16 September 2019

Here are some of the funniest things people hide from their partners

From hidden chocolate to flatulence, most of these are pretty harmless.

(Dominic Lipinski/PA)
(Dominic Lipinski/PA)

By Taylor Heyman, Press Association

Most of us have told our partner a fib or two in our time and a recent thread on Reddit has show some of the things we hide can be downright hilarious.

When user mfairview asked his fellow Redditors  what their significant other thought they were getting away with, but they definitely know about, they unleashed some pretty funny stories.

From the romantic to the ridiculous, these couples hide the strangest things from each other.

These will warm your heart.

This one, not so much.

Hiding food consumption seems to be the most popular fib. 

It’s not certain why this lot feel the need to lie about their culinary urges, but they make for good reading

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