Thursday 14 December 2017

'Hello Kippy': MP laughs off tweet

Douglas Carswell later laughed off the post, which he insisted had been sent by his daughter
Douglas Carswell later laughed off the post, which he insisted had been sent by his daughter

An MP joked that his young daughter had a much bigger public following than he did after a message was sent from his Twitter account inviting thousands of followers to play an online children's game.

Ukip's Douglas Carswell said he was in a "serious conversation about some very dull Westminster thing" when he was alerted to an explosion of intrigue around the unexpected post.

The exhortation to "Come play Hello Kitty World with me!" prompted a wave of satirical replies - several suggesting it was aimed at fellow MP Nigel Mills who was caught playing an online game during a Commons committee hearing.

The post has been shared more than 1,000 times and attracted waves of comment.

But Mr Carswell - the former Tory who defected to the eurosceptic party - swiftly pinned the blame on his offspring, who is named Kitty and is a big fan of the game that bears her name.

"Oooops! That's the last time I leave the five year old in charge of the iPad (but it is a great game!)," he posted in response.

Later he quipped: "My five year old's first tweet got read by many more than any of mine."

The Clacton MP laughed off the fuss as "one of the joys of being a dad" and the peril of allowing youngsters access to technology - insisting it had done no harm.

Unlike some posts sent in the past "in a fit of pique" which he now regretted, he said, "I hope this put a smile on people's faces".

He insisted he had not actually played the game himself.

"I have managed to avoid that so far but she is a keen fan," he said.

Dubbed the "Hello Kippy" incident by Westminster wags, some used it to poke fun at Ukip policies.

"Hello Kitty World to have strict border controls under leadership of Douglas Carswell," one Twitter user replied.

"Moshi Monsters to be incarcerated on Isle of Man."

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