Thursday 18 January 2018

Hedgehogs seen in 25% of UK gardens

Hedgehogs regularly visit almost a quarter of UK gardens, a survey shows
Hedgehogs regularly visit almost a quarter of UK gardens, a survey shows

Hedgehogs are regularly visiting almost a quarter of UK gardens, according to an RSPB survey.

And they are even making their way into towns and cities, with hedgehogs sighted in almost a third of urban gardens, the wildlife survey found.

More than 90,000 nature-lovers took part in the RSPB's Make Your Nature Count survey, counting the birds and mammals in nearly 70,000 gardens.

Organiser Richard Bashford said: "For many species the only way of counting them is to ask people to take part in a garden survey like this, and some of the results have been quite surprising.

"Lots of people see hedgehogs, moles and deer in their gardens which you may only expect to see in the wider countryside.

"The range of creatures we have in UK gardens highlights how important wildlife-friendly gardening is, wherever you live, to ensure our fabulous wildlife continues to survive."

Figures from the survey show that hedgehogs are seen in good numbers in both rural and urban areas, whereas most mammals are more common in rural gardens.

In urban areas, 30% of people taking part had seen hedgehogs in their gardens before and more than one in seven sees them regularly.

In rural areas, hedgehogs were reported in 48% of gardens where more than a quarter of people see them at least monthly.

Volunteers were also asked to report moles and roe deer for the first time this year, with 14% recording mole sightings, including molehills. Roe deer were recorded in 5% of gardens, with most sightings in Scotland.

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