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Harry Potter fans launch Cards Against Muggles game


The game has already sold out – but fear not, there’s a waiting list.

A group of Harry Potter fans have launched a wizarding world version of the popular party game, Cards Against Humanity.

Cards Against Muggles, created by online shop Forbidden Forest Crafts, has been deemed a hit by fans after selling out just days after it launched.

It is mirrored on Cards Against Humanity, which involves players completing fill-in-the-blank statements to create risque or politically incorrect sentences.

The exclusive deck, launched by wizard-lovers based in the US, includes cards with phrases including: “After months of practising magic, I think I’m finally ready for …..”

Players can then fill in the gap with a variety of obscene or outrageous statements, including one which reads: “Losing the House Cup because Harry and his friends went on another f****** adventure.”

Fans have joined a waiting list to get their hands on the game, with the creators saying they were “shocked” by the attention it received on Facebook as it had initially only launched for friends.

They added: “This is a homemade game started by some HP fans. We only made a few for our local HP fan groups. We are currently sold out and not sure when we will have additional games.”

The game, priced at 55 US dollars (£45) plus postage, is currently only available to buyers in the US, but the creators said they are “looking into” international shipping options.

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