Wednesday 13 December 2017

Hangry, slay and alt-right are some of the new words added into

By Prudence Wade

Many of the words are ripped straight from the headlines. has just added more than 300 new words and definitions, and it’s a brilliant indicator of current trends.

So this sneak preview of the new words is essentially a comprehensive look into the 2017 zeitgeist, both in terms of current events and popular culture.

Many of the new words come straight from the front page, like “Black Lives Matter,” “Burkini” and “alt-right.” This isn’t particularly surprising, as most years a whole chunk of words spring from the news.

As marijuana becomes medically and recreationally legal in more states across America, words like “420″ and “Kush” have also been added. says this reflects “broader acceptance of marijuana use and culture”. also includes pretty interesting origins of the words. Who knew that “420″ was “first recorded in 1970-75; a code word derived from the meeting time of a particular group of marijuana smokers in 1971, later popularised by fans of the band the Grateful Dead.” So there you go.

But not all of the words stem from the news – some words that you’re probably already sick of hearing have also been added (we’re looking at you “dabbing” and “superfood”).’s also got you covered in terms of slang. Next time your grandma wants to actually understand what you mean when you say “slay” or “struggle bus,” luckily she’ll be able to click onto for reference. Let’s just hope she knows how to use the Internet and then she’s sorted.

It might be in the online dictionary now, but we’ll still judge you a teensy bit if you use “dabbing” non-ironically. Just saying.

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