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Hand grenade and space hopper hauled out of fat-clogged sewers


Some items which have been found in sewers (Anglian Water)

Some items which have been found in sewers (Anglian Water)

A fat clogged pipe

A fat clogged pipe


Some items which have been found in sewers (Anglian Water)

A hand grenade, dismantled greenhouse and a space hopper were just some of the unexpected items hauled out of sewers over the last year.

But none of them came close to matching the problems caused by wet wipes and fats and oils flushed and poured into drains across England and Wales, the Consumer Council for Water (CCW) said.

It is urging householders to "keep your wipes out of the pipes" after water companies spent £50 million clearing more than 200,000 blockages caused by inappropriate items sent into sewers over the last 12 months.

Wet and so-called "flushable" wipes accounted for up to a third of sewer blockages in some areas.

CCW spokesman Steve Grebby said: "Sewer flooding causes misery for thousands of households every year, which is why it is in all our interests to keep our drains and sewers clear and flowing freely."

Householders are urged not to flush any wipes - including those labelled flushable, nappies, sanitary items, cotton buds, tissues, plastic bags and wrappers, plasters or chewing gum.

Cooking fat, oil and grease should be poured into a fat trap or other container, wrapped up and binned.

Many water companies provide customers with a free fat trap.

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