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Haggis flavoured chocolate launched


A Scottish firm has launched haggis flavoured chocolates

A Scottish firm has launched haggis flavoured chocolates

A Scottish firm has launched haggis flavoured chocolates

There's now a new way to tuck into Scotland's iconic national dish, after a firm has launched haggis flavoured chocolates.

Edinburgh-based chocolate maker Nadia Ellingham said people had been a "bit puzzled" by her unusual creation, but added: "It does seem to be quite popular."

The chocolate lover set up her own company, Thinking Chocolate, in 2007, while she was on maternity leave.

She explained that she came up with the idea for a haggis chocolate after creating chocolates that were inspired by chestnut and cranberry stuffing.

The 43-year-old told how she then "scoured around lots of different haggis recipes to find a lot of the common ingredients" for haggis.

She added: "I filtered it down and came up with the ingredients that come up most often, eliminated the offal aspect of the dish, did some recipe development and it went from there."

Her recipe for haggis chocolates includes a range of spices used in the dish, such as nutmeg and black pepper, as well as oatmeal.

She said: "At first taste it`s a dark spicy chocolate, but then the more peppery notes come through.

"We now do them in January for Burns night and the rest of the year people can order them via our website."

Ms Ellingham, who also produces a sun-dried tomato and basil chocolate, said: "My initial concept when I started was for everything to be made to order, with the recipes to follow the seasons, just like in a restaurant."

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