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Gucci has recreated some of your favourite memes and it is pretty darn weird


The sign above the door to the Gucci store on Bond Street, London.

The sign above the door to the Gucci store on Bond Street, London.

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The sign above the door to the Gucci store on Bond Street, London.

It’s all a bit cringe.

Gucci is attempting a leap into the mainstream with its latest Instagram campaign, based on your favourite memes.

The collection of photos was posted last night and followers weren’t convinced. One user said: “Please stop making memes Gucci. Your work shouldn’t be a joke.”

Perhaps it was the blatant attempt to connect with young people, or the cringe-worthy explanations which accompanied each photograph, but #TFWGucci doesn’t seem to be taking off.

This one, according to Gucci, was inspired by the super-recent Arthur meme — the cartoon aardvark represents utter frustration with a clenched fist. It was created by by Derek Lucas, with photography by Benjamin Langford.

Apparently in this one: “John Trulli takes on the well known structure of the ‘guy she says I shouldn’t worry about’ meme with the addition of a Gucci Le Marche des Merveilles timepiece.

“It’s a classic two-panel joke, with a mundane watch set against Gucci’s version. Trulli’s meme style is quirky and irreverent, tackling pop culture and everyday experiences in equal measure. All he has to do is add a line of text to the image and it becomes a viral vehicle.”

Oh dear.

“As a visual joke, (Ege Islekel) superimposes van Gogh’s visage over famous album covers. His #TFWGucci memes play with Neo-Classicist paintings, brought to life by captions from @youvegotnomale and @champagneemojis that namecheck art history as well as 21st century romance.”

Very fancy.

“Rather than pasting pictures in a digital landscape, (Flaminia Veronesi) preferred to sculpt clay figures in this artwork: an outstretched hand, clad with rings and a Gucci Le Marche des Merveilles watch, reaches out to touch a statue’s lovely face.

“Recreated from a Gucci campaign shoot, the result is sweet, sad, and not a little lonely, like a Giorgio de Chirico painting.”

How artistic.

With each meme post, more fans begged the fashion house to stop it, but they just ploughed on. Hey, at least we’re talking about it.

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