Tuesday 20 August 2019

Grapes of wrath: chocolate lovers raisin' hell over Fruit and Nut bar changes

Cadbury has changed the recipe for its Fruit and Nut bar
Cadbury has changed the recipe for its Fruit and Nut bar

Cadbury has caused outrage among some lovers of its Fruit and Nut bar by announcing it is to add sultanas to the chocolate as well as raisins.

The confectionery giant said it was including sultanas to add more variation and "ensure it's still an affordable treat".

The new recipe - almost 90 years after the bar was first launched - will now be found across the country, although the packaging will not change.

Cadbury said a poll had found that although half of Britons claimed to know the difference between a raisin and sultana, only 7% actually did.

And it said tests found just 10% of people could tell the difference between the old and new versions of the bar.

Cadbury said: "While raisins have actually traditionally been the 'fruit' of Cadbury Fruit and Nut, sultanas have been brought into the fold to add more variation.

"It's important we have a flexible supply of the dried fruit we use in our famous Fruit and Nut bars to both retain quality and ensure it's still an affordable treat."

But the news did not go down well with former fans of the treat.

Karen T (@magentawillow) tweeted: "Please stop messing with our British chocolate, we like it how it is. Sultanas are not part of fruit & nut, we won't buy it!"

Others complained that the bulkier sultanas would mean less chocolate.

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