Sunday 22 April 2018

Golfer gets more birdies, of a sort

A golfer has scored a few more birdies than he bargained for
A golfer has scored a few more birdies than he bargained for

A golfer has had more birdies in his garage than on the greens this year, having found a robin's nest in his spare golf bag.

Jim Nisbet, from Burnside in South Lanarkshire, discovered the nest of five eggs alongside a set of clubs in the bag several weeks ago.

He kept a close eye on the nest and ended up welcoming five chirping chicks to his garage.

Mr Nesbit, an RSPB member, said: "Over the last few years a robin has visited the garage and nested but this year the choice of my spare golf bag was a rather unexpected site.

"It was quite rewarding to follow the progress from the nest building through to the hatching of the eggs and then the developing chicks. I am anticipating the robin's presence, as usual, when some gardening is being done and we reveal some food in the form of worms.

"I hope the golf clubs will help to produce some birdies on the golf course too."

Leianna Padgett, from RSPB Scotland, said: "Robins can be inventive when it comes to building a nest, occasionally forgoing the conventional nest-box for a safe and snug site elsewhere. Providing birds and other garden wildlife with shelter to raise their young, as well as food and water, is a fantastic way to give nature a home on your doorstep."

Robins are known for sometimes selecting unconventional nesting sites, with RSPB members reporting nests on abandoned bicycles, in toolboxes and even on kitchen shelves.

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