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Gillette ad tackling toxic masculinity provokes strong emotions online

Is it an ‘amazing call to action’ or ‘virtue-signalling PC guff’?


The new Gillette ad (Gillette)

The new Gillette ad (Gillette)

The new Gillette ad (Gillette)

Gillette’s new take on its famous “the best a man can get” slogan has provoked strong reactions, from celebration to tears to threats of a boycott.

The razor and shaving brand is taking on the culture of toxic masculinity in an ad which, although currently only airing in America, is causing a stir on both sides of the Atlantic.

The promo aims to challenge stereotypes of maleness and encourage boys to become “the best men can be”.

The company will also donate one million dollars per year to non-profit organisations with similar aims.

It’s certainly a different approach to advertising shaving products and one that many people thought was a shift in the right direction.

Others, meanwhile, accused the brand of “virtue signalling” or pathologising being a man.

Among the dissenters was breakfast TV contrarian Piers Morgan.

The broadcaster, who recently railed against the existence of the new Greggs sausage roll, described the ad as “PC guff” and said he may consider switching razors, while prominent Hollywood right-winger James Woods said he would boycott the brand.

Others suggested that the critics had missed the point, stating that the ad was not attacking men but critiquing a specific brand of toxic masculinity.

And for some, the message was so powerful it even moved them to tears.

Gillette meanwhile suggested there would be more of the same to come.

On its website, the brand wrote: “From today on, we pledge to actively challenge the stereotypes and expectations of what it means to be a man everywhere you see Gillette.”

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