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Georginio Wijnaldum catches fan tweeting about him on easyJet flight

The Liverpool midfielder posted the moment to his Instagram Story.


(gwijnaldum/Instagram and Martin Rickett/PA)

(gwijnaldum/Instagram and Martin Rickett/PA)

(gwijnaldum/Instagram and Martin Rickett/PA)

Liverpool midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum has caught a fan tweeting about him on an easyJet flight.

The Netherlands international filmed the fan composing the tweet on his phone, telling his followers he is “99% sure” he is sharing the flight with the footballer.

“I’m 99% sure Georginio Wijnaldum is on my EasyJet flight,” wrote Twitter user @Ben_Dudley010. “Am I going to embarrass myself by saying Feyenoord with an awkward thumbs up on the way out? Almost certainly.”

Wijnaldum, who played for Dutch side Feyenoord from 2007 to 2011, shared a video of the fan writing the tweet in the seat in front of him to his Instagram Story, with the caption: “Busted.”

The fan later saw the Instagram story, reacting: “Oh no.”

The pair met after the flight for a photo, which @Ben_Dudley010 posted to his Twitter page.

Afterwards the fan was heading for Wales, and added: “About to catch the train to Bangor. If Van Dijk is in the same carriage I’m saying nothing.”

Liverpool lead the Premier League by four points and the squad took a trip to Dubai for a warm-weather training camp during the break until their next game, at home to Leicester on Wednesday January 30.

The Liverpool Echo reported that they returned to Merseyside on Wednesday and Wijnaldum appears to have been on his way back to the city after the squad was given Thursday off, before a return to training on Friday.

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