Sunday 20 May 2018

George Osborne might be having the most nerve-wracking first day in a new job

By Prudence Wade

The former chancellor is starting in his role as editor of the Evening Standard.

When starting your first day in a new job, there’s enough pressure without having a whole lot of cameras following your progress. This is exactly what greeted George Osborne this morning, fresh on the job as editor of the Evening Standard.

Like any normal person putting on a brave face at the start of a new job, Osborne said all the right things as he entered the office. He said: “It’s very exciting to be starting in the new job.”

Sure, but there’s got to be some nerves simmering underneath – he does, after all, have to spend the day remembering a whole lot of new names and working out where the loos are.

The pictures taken as Osborne entered the newsroom might lend a bit of an insight into his mental state and first-day jitters. Here he is jauntily walking towards the office, with a paper and snazzy briefcase in hand.

Here the smile has faded just a bit – maybe Osborne has suddenly realised he forgot to pack lunch?

Here a slight look of panic can be detected (maybe) as Osborne realises he hasn’t yet been issued a pass to the building.

But ultimately, Osborne managed to keep his cool as he sailed into his new adventure. This is particularly admirable considering the fact that he was being followed by his own eyes.

A poster across the road from the Kensington office showed a picture of Osborne on a mock Evening Standard front page with the words: “George Osborne: Lowering London’s Standards.”

The former chancellor’s appointment to the Evening Standard editorship in March provoked accusations he was juggling too many responsibilities, as he was still a sitting MP for Tatton, Cheshire.

He announced his departure from the seat when Theresa May announced the snap General Election for June 8.

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