Thursday 22 March 2018

Ford adds anti-spider technology to engines to combat eight-legged hitchhikers

The Ford Focus RS is getting anti-spider technology
The Ford Focus RS is getting anti-spider technology

Ford is to fit some of its cars with anti-spider technology after discovering that a species of arachnid is making its home in fuel vapour lines.

The North American Yellow Sac spider loves the smell of fuel and likes to weave its webs inside the engine's workings, with "potentially damaging" consequences, said Ford.

This species of spider weaves webs so dense they can block the vapour lines, causing huge problems for various mechanical components and leading to frightening repair bills.

New Focus RS models headed for the North American market will have a specially-developed plastic screen to stop the spiders gaining access.

Thankfully for British arachnophobes, the North American Yellow Sac spider does not reside in Europe, so Focus RSs on these shores will not have the plastic add-on.

Toyota and Mazda have had to recall cars because of spider problems. Fuel lines and even airbag systems have been found to be vulnerable to eight-legged hitchhikers.

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