Wednesday 17 January 2018

Fire brigade free wedged cat in four-hour rescue operation

Mickey the cat became wedged in a gap between two walls. (RSPCA/PA)
Mickey the cat became wedged in a gap between two walls. (RSPCA/PA)

A careless cat which became wedged in an 8in (20cm) gap between two walls was freed after a four-hour rescue operation.

Fire crews were forced to cut through a cabinet and use a chisel to cut away bricks before pushing the animal, named Mickey, to safety at a home in Trentham, Stoke-on-Trent.

The unusual rescue ended at 2am last Friday after RSPCA animal collection officer Cara Gibbon decided to call the fire service for assistance.

Mickey's owner, Mark Colclough, believes his pet decided to venture into a gap between his house and next door's garage to reach the rear of the property.

"He never goes out the front door, but we think he sneaked out when we weren't aware, panicked because it was unknown territory, then tried to get to the back of the house," Mr Colclough said.

Ms Gibbon said: " We get called to rescue animals which have got themselves stuck quite regularly; however, Mickey was the worst case of a wedged animal I have ever seen. He was completely jammed.

"We're glad that he was safely released and thankfully he did not have any injuries - just a slightly bruised pride!"

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