Monday 22 January 2018

Fathers take 'dad dancing' class

Some dads have been shown how to brush up on their dancing by an expert
Some dads have been shown how to brush up on their dancing by an expert

A group of dads have been given some help to brush up on their dance moves to mark Fathers' Day.

According survey by Domino's Pizza found 42% of children across the nation admit they wish their fathers were better dancers.

The work found one in five fathers has tried Gangnam Style, 22% have 'head banged' to heavy metal and one in four aged under 25 believes their moves should be classed as 'excellent'.

One in five dads said they would would like to move like Justin Timberlake, while one in 10 under 25 would prefer to rock the dance floor like Justin Bieber.

The pizza chain created this dad dancing video in collaboration with Pineapple Studios choreographer Paulette Minott.

A father-of-one named only as Darren in the video was asked why he decided to take the lessons. He said: "I knew I had all the moves in my locker from years ago, I knew that, and I just wanted to try myself against the best."

Ms Minott said: "Dad dancing has been going on for years and years and years, usually behind closed doors, but what happens after while is dads get very brave and they take it outside into social environments."

She said dads get "the raw end of the stick" with many people thinking they can't dance but "they just need a little bit of guidance and tweaking here and there".

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