Sunday 17 December 2017

Fan leaves handwritten farewell on post which blocked their view for 10 years at White Hart Lane

“Thanks for the (missing) memories.”

By Edward Dracott

A Tottenham Hotspur fan has left a somewhat touching letter to the post which apparently blocked their view at White Hart Lane for more than 10 years.

The Lane is being demolished as Spurs look to build a new ground with a larger capacity. The Londoners played their final game on Sunday and after the game a handwritten note was left on a post by one of the seats at the ground.

“Dear post,” the letter reads. “Thanks for the (missing) memories. 4th Feb 2007 – 14th May 2017.”

The poster of the post on the post – sorry that had to be done – has yet to come forward to identify themselves, but appears to be a Spurs season ticket holder whose seat was behind the obstruction.

Since being posted on Twitter the post has received almost 3,000 likes and a huge reaction from fans – including one who says he has had to deal with a similar problem at the stadium.

Whoever the person is, the heartfelt message – and the pain they must have endured in that spot – has been heard.

Hopefully the post didn’t obstruct the fan’s view of Sunday’s final Spurs game too much though – as the Lilywhites beat Manchester United 2-1 to cement second place in the Premier League and their highest finish in England’s top division since 1963.

Press Association

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