Friday 21 September 2018

Everyone’s wondering why Theresa May wore a bracelet featuring communist Frida Kahlo during her dramatic speech

Yes, Frida Kahlo, the noted communist.

Theresa May's bracelet featuring noted communist and artist Frida Kahlo (Peter Byrne/PA)
Theresa May's bracelet featuring noted communist and artist Frida Kahlo (Peter Byrne/PA)

By Grace Rahman

Theresa May’s speech at the Tory conference was eventful to say the least.

Her message was marred by a persistent cough, letters falling off the slogan on the backdrop behind her, and a prankster presenting her with what looked like a P45.

But eagle-eyed viewers noticed something else – for some reason she chose to wear a bracelet featuring noted Communist Party member Frida Kahlo.

Self-portraits of Frida Kahlo on a bracelet

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist, born in 1907.

A noted feminist and LGBTQ icon, she was famed for her self-portraits and left-wing beliefs – and met her husband, artist Diego Rivera, through friends in the Communist Party.

She was also disabled after suffering from polio as a child and an accident in her teens.

The artist’s politics were pretty much at odds with May’s policies.

Kahlo even had an affair with Leon Trotsky, the Marxist revolutionary leader, after he was exiled to Mexico.

Some pointed out how ironic it was that the PM was decorating herself with images of a figure like Kahlo.

Others weren’t happy that the PM had hijacked another trend.

Some suggested May’s general bad luck on stage might have been the work of Kahlo’s vengeful spirit, punishing the PM for wearing her picture.

“When the ghost of Frida Kahlo comes back to strangle you to death for abusing her image and everything she ever stood for,” tweeted Ash Sarkar, along with a picture of May struggling, spluttering over her glass of water.

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As if the PM needed something else to go wrong.

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