Thursday 22 March 2018

Elderly Polish couple party until 5am at London nightclub

Jacob Husley (left) with an elderly Polish couple who partied until 5am at Fabric nightclub in Farringdon, London.
Jacob Husley (left) with an elderly Polish couple who partied until 5am at Fabric nightclub in Farringdon, London.
A couple in their 70s danced until 5am at a fashionable London nightclub

An elderly Polish couple have become stars of the clubbing scene as they partied until 5am at a London nightspot.

The pair, thought to be in their late 70s, bought tickets online in Poland for fabric nightclub in Farringdon, central London, after reading a review in a newspaper.

They went to the venue's WetYourSelf! club night, an underground house and techno party, where they downed shots of tequila and danced until dawn.

Jacob Husley, a DJ who runs the night, said they were visiting their daughter in Watford, and because they go to their local disco every week in Poland, they wanted to continue their routine in London.

The DJ, 35, originally from Denmark, had his photograph taken with the couple who look like they are having a great time in the snap - the man dressed in a shirt, tie and blazer, and the woman sporting a string of pearls and green cardigan.

When he first spotted the couple the DJ noticed that the woman was walking "very slowly", telling the Press Association: "To me it just looked like they were lost."

He asked if they were okay and he said they nodded and smiled, and he soon realised they did not speak English.

The couple had shots of tequila and cups of tea, and Husley said: "The woman actually gave me a high five. They were a really jokey sort of couple."

He got a Polish speaker to help him to communicate with them and discovered how their Sunday night and Monday morning partying came about.

"They said that they normally go out on Saturday nights back in Poland to the local disco, and they were going to London to visit their daughter and they wanted to go out to the best club in London, and they read a review of fabric, so they bought the tickets," he said.

The DJ added: "They seemed really happy. They were mainly sitting down. They went together to dance a bit on the dancefloor as well, some ballroom dancing.

"But because she was kind of holding on to him, because she had her crutch, so she would sit down and then he would go out a bit by himself.

"And everyone in the crowd was really loving towards them, and a lot of people took pictures with them and were dancing with them."

The couple planned the whole trip, and intended to take the Tube home at 6am - but the DJ told them the club would organise a free taxi, adding: "They said they had a great time."

On Facebook, the club posted the photo of Mr Husley and the couple, and wrote: " S/O to these two for showing us how it's done at WetYourSelf! last night!"

It also posted a quote from Mr Husley which said: "This amazing couple came to WYS! At fabric last night and were both in their late seventies.

"They had purchased tickets online in Poland after reading a club review of fabric in the newspaper and came when doors opened and planning to take the Tube home when it finished at 6am.

"I told them they had a free bar, gave them 2 shots of tequila to start, but after that asked if they could have cups of tea.

"They were ballroom dancing on the dance floor, although not for too long as the lady was using a crutch and didn't walk so well ...

"They stayed until 5am and we convinced them to take our offer of a free taxi home instead of waiting for the Tube. They said they had a great time and loved the crowd and vibe.

"What an amazing couple, so much humour, love and playfulness between these two. Our bodies might age but our souls are timeless. LOVE!"

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