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#EggChallenge: Why are Cesc Fabregas and Alvaro Morata lobbing eggs in the air?

Is it impossible for an egg to break if it lands on grass, no matter how high it’s been thrown?


(Steven Paston/PA)

(Steven Paston/PA)

(Steven Paston/PA)

A new egg-throwing challenge is poised to take social media by storm – and it’s all thanks to Chelsea players Cesc Fabregas and Alvaro Morata.

Fabregas posted footage to Instagram on Tuesday of him throwing an egg high into the air on the Chelsea training ground.

It’s because of a theory put forward by Morata – his Chelsea team-mate until Fabregas moved to Monaco last week – that no matter how high and far you throw an egg, if it lands on grass it will not break.

The theory doesn’t seem to hold too much water – the egg thrown by the former Arsenal man appeared to break when it landed on the grass in the footage posted to Instragram.

Fabregas followed up by posting a request on his Instagram Story for other people to produce their own videos.

He said: “As you saw on my last post, Alvarao Morata told me that if I have an egg and I throw it as high as I want, with the power that I want, and it lands in grass, not artificial grass, it would never break.

“So we tried it as you saw and for me it broke, as I thought it could, but he keeps moaning that it doesn’t.

“So please guys make a video, try it for yourself in the garden, in the park, in proper grass, try for yourselves and put the hashtag #eggchallenge. I want to see the results.”

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