Saturday 24 February 2018

Ed Balls was there for Washington DC Police’s Twitter account after their Balls-style tweet

Have no fear, Ed Balls is here.

Ed Balls attending a football match
Ed Balls attending a football match

By Max McLean

Whether or not @DCPoliceDept meant to tweet “dcpolice” or not is besides the point now, for they have unwittingly become a part of social media history.

The Washington DC Metropolitan Police’s Twitter account has 190,000 followers, more than enough that, should something go wrong, someone’s going to notice.

So when what appeared to be an accidental tweet appeared on their page, it did not go under the radar.

To be fair to them, they owned it.

However, that didn’t prevent them from coming in for a little good-natured teasing – 10/10 Chief Wiggum reference, here.

But perhaps what @DCPoliceDept didn’t count on was their knight in shining armour – former Labour cabinet minister and Strictly Come Dancing Hall of Famer, Ed Balls.

Yes, Ed knows how it feels to tweet in the third person, doing so to great effect back in 2011 on his own Twitter account.

Washington’s police can take comfort in the fact that Ed Balls Day is now practically a national holiday – Balls himself even got in on the joke.

A tweet from former Labour cabinet minister Ed Balls

It looks as though his timely intervention was well received, with this particular incident occurring exactly six months on from the 2017 edition of Ed Balls Day, in fact.

Another catastrophe averted, Balls is perhaps the superhero 2017 needs.

Popping up whenever a social media gaffe announces its arrival, Balls is your man.

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