Thursday 13 December 2018

EA Sports steers into player ratings complaints with hilarious Fifa 19 advert

Nobody is ever satisfied, are they?

A screen grab from EA Sports’ Fifa 19 player ratings advert – (EA Sports Fifa)
A screen grab from EA Sports’ Fifa 19 player ratings advert – (EA Sports Fifa)

By Max McLean, Press Association

Whenever an EA Sports Fifa title is set to be released, the subject of player ratings rears its ugly head, and things are no different ahead of Fifa 19’s release.

With the full game available at the end of September, EA Sports has released 20 of the top 100 players’ ratings, but instead of waiting for the inevitable barrage of social media complaints from the world’s best, the gaming giant has got out in front this time.

They’ve done so with a special ratings advert which incorporates many of the player’s concerns, featuring Cristiano Ronaldo asking for a 100 rating…

Kevin De Bruyne features heavily in the short film, leading the charge against the ratings players receive each year.

Among the cards EA Sports has already revealed for Fifa 19, Riyad Mahrez, Raheem Sterling and Vincent Kompany all receive overall 85 ratings, with Mahrez given 90 dribbling, Sterling 93 pace and Kompany 85 defending.

Manchester United midfielder Jesse Lingard meanwhile provided a textbook example of the sort of thing EA Sports has recognised with its advert, posting this video to Twitter to complain about his pace stats.

Nobody’s ever satisfied.

Press Association

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