Saturday 17 March 2018

Dream numbers for Lotto winner

A family are celebrating after winning 163,000 pounds on the Lotto
A family are celebrating after winning 163,000 pounds on the Lotto

A woman has helped her family win £163,000 on the Lotto after using numbers she dreamed of five years ago.

Matt and Lisa Ashwood, from Lewes, East Sussex, and Matt's father Peter Ashwood, 65, hit the jackpot for their family syndicate which they started three years ago.

Mrs Ashwood, 40, not only dreamt the numbers but also the machine and set of balls used to pick their prize-winning draw on Saturday June 30.

The mother of four said: "About five years ago I had a really vivid dream that I'd won the lottery. When I woke up I wrote down all the details including the numbers, the machine - Guinevere - and set of balls number six.

"From then on, we have played those numbers without fail but I guess, like most people, just didn't think it would actually come true. It's spooky that not only did five numbers and the bonus ball come up but also the machine and set of balls matched my dream."

Mrs Ashwood has treated herself to a season ticket for Brighton and Hove Albion and booked a family holiday to Tunisia.

She said: "After we had registered the win, we went shopping for our family holiday to Tunisia and despite knowing we had won a fabulous amount of money, we weren't extravagant.

"We still went to Primark and celebrated by treating the kids to a McDonald's. We haven't really made any definite decisions about what to do with the money, except my season ticket, but after we've invested some, we will certainly be paying off our debts, maybe do some decorating at home and possibly upgrade the car."

Her father-in-law said: "It will be great to make a few changes at home but being able to help out my daughters and grandchildren will bring me the greatest joy. I'm also able to help a very close friend who is seriously ill and was desperately saving for a trip to visit family in Canada next year.."

The Ashwoods bought their Lotto ticket at Malling Stores in Malling Close, Lewes, for the Saturday June 30 draw when the winning numbers were 1, 18, 19, 24, 30, 38 and bonus ball 41 of which they matched five balls plus the bonus.

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