Sunday 22 July 2018

Don’t have nightmares: People share the creepiest things kids have said to them

These tales make the boy from The Sixth Sense look normal.

Turns out, kids say a lot of creepy stuff (Aynur_sib/Getty/PA)
Turns out, kids say a lot of creepy stuff (Aynur_sib/Getty/PA)

By Grace Rahman, Press Association

When writer Mikki Kendall asked her followers for stories about the weirdest things kids had ever said to them, she probably didn’t expect to get such odd, and in some cases, supernatural responses.

From kids pointing to invisible people in graveyards, to the child in nursery who could tell her teacher was pregnant, these were the creepiest tales people shared.

Quite a few stories were on the supernatural side.

This next one is extremely creepy.

What is it with kids and seeing ghosts?

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Others stories made pretty convincing arguments for the existence of past lives.

A handful of experiences were about kids threatening to harm their parents, albeit while smiling sweetly.

Okay, but what about the child who could tell when her teacher was pregnant, despite the fact that she wasn’t showing?

Some stories were about kids just being downright creepy in general.

Is it possible to be frightened of a seven-year-old?

Seven seemed to be a particularly creepy age.

This set of twins knew exactly what to say to freak out their mother.

This child seemed to something about her mother that her mother didn’t.

Let’s end with a more wholesome one, so you don’t get nightmares.

Maybe kids aren’t all ghost-seeing, past life-having, murderous little terrors after all.

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