Friday 23 February 2018

Dogs concert at Sydney Opera House

Laurie Anderson composed a 20-minute work to create a shared experience for dogs and their owners (AP Photo)
Laurie Anderson composed a 20-minute work to create a shared experience for dogs and their owners (AP Photo)
Dogs and their owners gather at the Sydney Opera House for a concert by Laurie Anderson in Sydney (AP Photo)

Some in the audience howled with glee, others stood on trembling legs and a few drooled in delight as famed performance artist Laurie Anderson debuted her original "Music for Dogs" composition outside the Sydney Opera House on Saturday.

Hundreds of dogs and their owners bounced around as Anderson entertained them with 20 minutes of thumping beats, whale calls, whistles and a few high-pitched electronic sounds imperceptible to human ears.

"Let's hear it from the medium dogs!" Anderson called out from the stage, as a few dogs yipped in return. "You can do better than that - come on mediums! Whoo! WHOOOOOO!"

The performance was part of the city's Vivid art and music festival, which is being co-curated by Anderson and her husband, rock legend Lou Reed.

Anderson - who often plays music for her rat terrier Lollabelle - said the idea originated during a chat with cellist Yo-Yo Ma while the two were waiting backstage at a graduation ceremony.

"We thought, 'Wouldn't it be great if you're playing a concert and you look out and everyone's a dog?'" Anderson said. "So I thought if I ever get a chance to do that, I'm gonna do it. And today was it. So this is like a highlight of my life."

The music had varying effects on the pooches, with a series of high-pitched whale sounds working several into a frenzy. Many wagged their tails and barked in apparent encouragement, while others stared at the stage with glazed eyes.

"Yo!" Anderson shouted from behind her keyboard. "Beautiful work, dogs!"

Not all of the pups were thrilled. Oliver, a Jack Russell terrier who tends to have issues with high-pitched noises, folded his ears back and exploded into a barrage of frantic barks as he lunged toward the stage, dragging owner Jacqui Bonner along with him.

Others appeared entranced. April Robinson giggled as her small dog Spot swivelled his head toward the stage, ears perked high.

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