Sunday 25 February 2018

Devon driver reports crash to police - in Massachusetts

The woman got through to a police call handler in Massachusetts
The woman got through to a police call handler in Massachusetts

A concerned British road user got a surprise when she called police to report another motorist, only to realise she had phoned a force more than 3,000 miles away in the United States.

The caller burst out laughing along with the confused police call handler in Massachusetts when they both realised the mistake after two minutes on the line.

The woman, who thought she was calling officers in Barnstaple, Devon, had actually contacted Barnstable police on the east coast of America.

Confusion arose after the woman, who had explained that she had seen a car cross the white line in the road to hit another vehicle, tried to explain where she was.

After she told the call handler where the incident happened, he made clear his bewilderment and she said: "You're not local then, you can't be because Ilfracombe is the next town on from Muddiford."

When the officer informed her she had called Massachusetts she said with surprise: "Massachusetts? There's no way you can help me then is there?"

The officer replied: "It's a different town, it's twinned with Barnstaple, England. Our response time is going to be about six hours."

Chuckling, the woman told him: "I'm sorry, go on laugh."

The audio has been shared online.

Chief Paul MacDonald of Barnstable police said: "The officer did a great job handling it. Obviously there was a little confusion between the person who called and the officer but I think they handled it pretty well."

Press Association

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