Monday 20 November 2017

Death metallers shut in airless box

The Gherkin
The Gherkin

An unusual work of art has come to central London, and while making a bit of a noise - it's also completely silent.

Called Box sized DIE, a large airtight and soundproof cube has been placed outside the Gherkin in central London and will provide a performance space for a death metal band who will be shut inside until their air runs out.

The installation - part of Sculpture in the City - has been created by Portuguese artist Joao Onofre. It's already toured extensively through Europe and in each city Onofre invites a death metal band to play in the box.

The band with the claustrophobic task in London is Unfathomable Ruination. The box is soundproof once the door is shut, and the length of performance is determined by how long the quartet can make their oxygen last.

There's a release handle inside the box, and Unfathomable Ruination say that during tests they managed 14 minutes of performance before having to bail out.

Outside the cube, viewers will see the band's entrance and exit from the performance space and the vibrations while they are locked inside.

The band is performing outside the Gherkin at 6pm from Wednesday to Friday each week until August 1.

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