Thursday 22 August 2019

David Davis calls for ‘smooth’ exit from EU – then trips as he exits stage

This will be on every political comedy show this week.


By Edd Dracott

David Davis made an unfortunate gaffe in a speech at a London conference this afternoon.

The Brexit Secretary had called for Britain’s exit from the EU to be done “in a smooth and orderly manner” – before tripping as he exited the stage.

Naturally, the irony of Davis’ trip was not lost on those watching.

On Twitter, a host of commentators wondered if perhaps the trip could be symbolic – or at least more comedy than real life.

Meanwhile news outlets were also quick to leap on the 68-year-old’s stumble.

Davis was speaking at a Brexit conference entitled Deal Or No Deal, where he also said the UK was prepared for the possibility of not securing a deal with the EU.

“While I have said I’m confident that we can get a deal with the European Union, of course, the alternative is possible, not probable, but it’s possible, that we don’t get a deal,” he said. “The department I run, Dexeu for short, isn’t called the department for getting a deal come what may, it is the Department for Exiting the European Union.

“And, whatever happens, we are leaving the European Union and delivering on the instructions of the British people.”

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