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Dashcam footage catches moment highway patrol officer saves man from burning car

Florida Highway Patrol shared a dramatic video of a car crashing into one of their vehicles.


(Florida Highway Patrol)

(Florida Highway Patrol)

(Florida Highway Patrol)

Dramatic footage has been released showing the moment a Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) officer pulled a man from a burning car after he crashed into the patrol vehicle.

On November 5, Fernando Xavier Espinoza swerved off the road near Fort Myers to avoid an accident and hit the back of the parked FHP vehicle.

Trooper Richard Verbiest then pulled Espinoza from his vehicle after it caught fire.

Verbiest took Espinoza to a safe location, then flames from the vehicle were extinguished.

FHP posted the footage on Twitter to highlight the importance of moving over or slowing down to make way for emergency services on the motorway.

It said: “Dashcam video captures vehicle crash into FHP trooper! First responders perform a critical service on the side of the road, please move over so they can safely do their job!”

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