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Dads are 'fourth emergency service'


Green Flag roadside assistance

Green Flag roadside assistance

Green Flag roadside assistance

Forget breakdown providers - dads are the new fourth emergency service according to a survey from Green Flag.

More drivers aged 18-24 would call their dad first in the event of a car breakdown, at 41%, than would call their breakdown provider (30%) or their mum (25%).

Despite that, only 16% say they trust their dad more than their mum, while 35% sided with their mums, suggesting dads are seen as the practical ones and mums the more caring and involved.

More than one in four young adults (22%) rate their dads' chief quality as practicality. Mums, on the other hand, received an overwhelming 36% vote as being caring, in a series of questions where respondents could only choose one answer.

In the run-up to Father's Day, the survey also revealed that 49% of Brits speak to their mums every day as opposed to just 30% who speak to their dads that often.

Neil Wilson, head of operations at Green Flag and dad of gold medallist gymnast Nile Wilson, said: "It's impressive to see Brits place so much trust in their dads when it comes to dishing out advice - and although our network of expertly trained technicians is best equipped when it comes to tackling your vehicle troubles, it's clear to see that Brits have sided with their dads this time.

"We wish dads across the UK a happy Father's Day this year, and hope they're doing the right thing when their kids come calling with car worries - by telling them to contact their breakdown cover provider."

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